pleased to meet you

hi. i’m amanda. i’ve been writing since i was a kid. i’ve even gotten slightly better at it since. i decided i wanted to be a writer when i was six. which is why i am making this post look like a six year old wrote it. i wrote an entire series by third grade – sweet valley twins and babysitter’s club inspired, apt for the early 90s. i got the biggest middle finger pencil bump from doing so. i still have a slightly misaligned finger as a residual effect of this. i’m surprised there was never a class action suit against Mead (#2). but i digress. as i often do. which is why i am a good writer. i have whipped up ad copy in new york, brainstormed brand campaigns in LA, ghost written for chamber of commerce, PR’d the hell out of celebrities in Hollywood, and reported up to my knees in debris during Hurricane Sandy. i know a thing or two. i can write whatever you need from pithy to proper, from cheeky to corporate. i also write screenplays. four TV pilots, three books and two feature films. and a partridge in a pear tree. seriously. i wrote that song, too. all of my writing ventures are booked through my LLC, red herring media company. if you don’t know what a red herring is, google it. and then try to remember when “google” became a widely-accepted verb.


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